Corporate Value Real Estate

Innovative in value creation

preparing for value

Together we go through your desired strategy/ambition. Based on the corporate identity, an effective service will be discussed and established on the basis of financial parameters. In this way, and in line with the strategy, you get the most out of innovative value creation.

PM Square’s modest profile and integrity form the basis for an off-market partnership. The relationship network is applied.


Sales, financing and/or project development within non profit and profit of:

  • real estate portfolios,
  • business locations,
  • ground-level and stacked houses

Director and supervisor for healthcare organizations, educational institutions and sports & pool venues. Attention to revenue models under Good Governance. This will benefit the preservation and innovative development of the underlying property value.

enjoying your assets

The deal is done, business is done, with satisfaction in the outcome.

The true journey of discovery does not consist in looking at new landscapes, but in learning to look again’ (Marcel Proust)

Preparing for value

Good preparation
is essential for
a good start...

Emilio Zocchi (1861):
'Michelango sculpting
the head of a faun’


The deal, a transition, achieving the desired, ultimate result...

Michelangelo (1520-1534): 'the tomb of 'Capitano'
Guiliano d'Medici'

Enjoying your Assets

Finished with satisfaction, that should be celebrated...

Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux (1865): 'La danse' designed for the Opera de Paris

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